profile trouble.


I’ve tried a million times but can’t seem to get a picture on my yoyoexpert profile. is there something I need to do to get one that I’m missing? ??? :’( :-\ >:(


It’s probably too big. Resize it.


i believe avatar limits are 150 by 200 pixels and signatures are 500 by 200


I cant help but I have had the same problem for a while thanks for posting this thread .


Yeah, I have the same problem.
Try saving a .gif or something off of a website


I got the one on but the signature one I can’t seem to get :frowning: >:( ???


Did you click the image button just put it in between this and it will show I think thats what you mean. Or else it will just be a link.


are you using [ img] [ /img] code? with no spaces…

and have you tried right or secondary clicking on your picture to open it in its own url?