yoyoexpert profile gifs

hello everyone :smiley:

I see people that have gifs as their profile pics. just wondering if anyone knows how to do that??? I kinda suck at this kinda stuff lol :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not difficult to do it’s just got to be the right size.

200x200 pixels is the max size but 200x130 or 100x100 is optimal. (Worth noting is there is a maximum file size as well but as long as it’s not a really lengthy one it should work.)

If you have an image that’s too big you can PM it to me and I’ll crop/scale it down if you’d like.

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Go to the Avatar Library thread by Totalartist and she will get you a new look!

TotalArtist is a girl? It’s not like I have anything against that. :slight_smile: I just always thought she was a guy.

Well, time for apology!