Profile Pics automaticly shrink

When you go to post a profile pic it always says its too big

I think it would be nice if you could upload the pic and YYE would automaticly shrink it to the right size

can this be done?

YESSSSSSSSSS i love this

It’s been ages since I dealt with that. Doesn’t it list a maximum pixel size? Scale and/or edit the picture, save as a new .jpg and you’re done.

Open picture with paint, resize to the correct allowed pixel size, save and upload! easy day.


The size limit is 200x200 pixels.

I imagine something like this would only appear in the rumored forum update.

Beefing up the forum to appear like other social media would be interesting though… Like google+ but infinitely better… And… Not, google+. Because that’d be plagiarism XD

YYE uses a commercially available software product for the forum. They have little or no control over the functionality.

I will resize one for you whenever you need. If interested, just email the photo to…my username on here I had to be cute so I don’t get too much spam.

I found a thread on how to rezize them so i think i can do it myself i was just thinking it would be nice if this could be done to help newer people on the forums

Thanks though

Yeah, looks like the forum software does not support it, so maybe link that thread here if you found it, and it may help others in the future. Good luck with it.

Im still having problems shrinking it but heres the thread,63396.0.html

This is really not difficult.

step 1. open MS PAINT
step 2. open image you want to use
step 3. Hit the button at the top of the screen that says “resize”
step 4. insert correct, allowable pixel size
step 5. SAVE
step 6. Use said image!
step 7. ???
step 8. PROFIT!


Im using my moms mac and macs don’t have paint

then download a program called GIMP(GREAT free program). its like a free version of photoshop. open the program, open your image, select the image tab, and then select scale image. save and use!


Pixlr!!! It’s like a free photoshop hosted online! So no downloads, or anything. Or photobucket itself has an image editor. It’s super simple, but has a resize option

This is so easy even I can figure it out! And I suck with computers!!! If you really want a profile picture in the right size send me the picture and I’ll shrink it for you.