How Do I Get A YYE Profile Pic?

So I go to the change profile page and I click upload my own pic and I upload it and it says its to large
how do I shrink it?

Its a long and annoying process look up " how to post a profile picture " in the search bar there is a really well explained way to do it

Ok thanks

EDIT I searched for it but this is the only thread that came up

Make your searches more general. Search for “how to post a profile picture”.,63396.0.html

Done. Go do it. NOW!

I went to the place the thread says but it says my image is to big to upload i tried compressing it but it still says it too big what do i do ?

Shrink it to 200X200 maximum size.

I meant when i upload it to the websit thats supposed to shrink it it says its too big

You are going to need to shrink it and maybe crop it.

Search google pictures in 200x200 pictures…

I tried cropping it but it still says its too big

Shrink it.


I believe elsewhere you said you were on a MAC - go find an image processing app for it. Resizing is a basic function of all image processing apps. Compressing is not the same as shrinking or resizing which is changing the pixel count. Most sites that have size limits limit the pixel size, as we do here.

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iPhoto will let you do this. Its an option under edit when you select the photo in there. Shouldn’t be too hard to find.

By the way, I sell Macs so I know schtuff if you need any help with it.

The smallest i can shrink it is 1in X 1in square which is still too big

Click the share button and export it to an email as an attachment and it’ll give you an option to size it down or something like that. It’ll say options like small, medium, large, etc.

Just email it to yourself and download it again.

OK thanks ill try that

If you run into any issues or can’t get it to work, let me know either in this thread or PM me.

I’m always happy to help a fellow yoyoer :smiley: