How to setup a profile picture


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I have found that converting a picture so you can use it as a profile picture can be a strenuous task, so here is a tutorial to help make personalizing your profile as easy as possible.

step one
select a suitable picture and save it to your computer(name it so you can find it later).

step two
go to this website ( click on the pic to icon converter,then click upload ,and once uploaded pick 256x256 and continue. now download the finished product (your going to want to name this file as well)

step three
enter your profile on and click the forum profile information in the modify profile box, make sure you have selected I will upload my own picture. Select the pictures file. Select the change profile button and boom you have your own profile picture. ;D




Exactly what I needed just never have known how to upload one. Thankyou very much for this!


No problem


Thank you

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People need to learn how to use gimp, and screen cap. You know?


This way is as easy as possible


Or find the image you’d like on google images. Click “more sizes” find one that matches YYE’s picture size requirements. Download it to your computer (with a memorable name) Then go to account settings, download it to YYE.


Download your picture to photobucket, (or any other place that let’s you edit pictures) then resize to fit requirements of YYE avatar. And you know the rest


I’m sorry this just isn’t the best method to use. Here’s a guide I just made just now:

Sorry imgur compressed it a ton :confused: . I’ll rehost it somewhere else if you want better quality.

Also you can just select it on your harddrive from your profile information instead of uploading it somewhere first. I just did it this way because it’s easier to post other pictures like this.