Profile picture

How do you change your profile picture? Whenever I take a look at “profile” to try and change it it always displays the message “user not found”. (can this occur because I am using the yoyoexpert app? Would it work I the computer?)

Go to “Forum Profile Information.” it’s on the left side of your profile display.

There’s two ways you can upload an avatar, but both require the image or gif to be a very small size in both dimensions and storage space.

  1. do a direct link to an image (see below) by uploading an image to an image hosting website, then copying the IMG link and pasting it in that little URL bar.
  2. you can upload an image directly form your computer by clicking on that “select file” button or whatever it’s called. Find your image and click select.

If it keeps rejecting your image, you may have to resize it to make it smaller.

Here’s an example of the URL version.