profile pic??

how do u put a pic on the side of your posts??

Type this…


now go to the picture you want , right click , copy image URL

go between the IMG marks

right , click paste


srry wont show pic


Are you on google images?

If so , click on the image , right click on photo , Copy Image URL.

And paste between this : [img]http://[/img]

our pic arnt showing and do u have to sighn into google images if not thats were im geting my pic from the computer says
The following errors occurred when trying to save your profile:•The avatar you have selected is too large, or not an avatar. ive even tryed diferent pics

your not our srry

All of us had to go through the size thing.
No , you don’t have to sign in to Google Images

If you put your mouse on the pic , you’ll see “More Sizes” somewhere on the page.

Try that…

what size will it have to be

i would say between 250x and 400x.

There’s not way you could fit in one that’s over 140 pixels or so.

to the op: you have to get a url to a image that’s the right size, or have one resized on your computer and choose the file.

i have try to re size it and still wont work

Through what?

And to what size?

Try imageshack or, if you’re copying and pasting a link, (just use the direct link). If you’re uploading a file from your computer, you have to use some photo editing program to re size it.

The image in question should be around 100x100 pixels. Otherwise, it will have a scroll bar underneath, and that’s just stupid and annoying.

With that out of the way, ilove2yoyo is wrong. You should not use the


tags. The URL of the image will work. He’s thinking about posting pictures in signatures, since it uses bbcode.


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I believe you are talking about an AVATAR.

Go to your Profile > Forum Profile Information
CHoices are:

Personalized Picture:

  • choose from the selection given, that’s the stock stuff you see a lot of the spammers use.

I have my own pic:

I will upload my own picture:

  • here is where you can pick one that you have stored on your computer. It needs to be sized correctly.*
  • I don’t recall the size, but it will fail if it’s too large.