Does anybody know how to get a different profile picture? This is the only one that works in my album.

Click on Profile > Forum Profile Information

You can either save a photo onto your computer and upload it, or paste an image URL into the box provided.

It has a maximum size limit so if you’re trying others that don’t work it’s probably because they’re too big (I forget what the exact maximum dimensions are). Try resizing it if possible or searching for a smaller picture to begin with. :slight_smile:


The avatar size limit is 200x200 pixels.

How about resize a photo in Photoshop?

get a photobucket account–you can set it to private if its just for photo editing and stuff, and its super useful when making signatures and avatars for forums :slight_smile:
other than that, I believe you need to be on an actual computer or big device (not phones). From my phone I can’t edit/post any photos here, really. On my laptop, however, editing works just fine and it’s easier to post photos and links and things like that too.