I need a really stable yoyo. What comes to mind?? All help would be greatly appreciated!


H shape yo-yos are generally very stable so that’s what you should be looking into if you want stable.


depends on your price range. at $35 you can get a yyf protostar which is very stable. $45ish is a shutter, $85ish genesis, or superstar. those are just throws in my collection I find to be the most stable.


I’ve heard the yyj revival is very stable

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Bench mark H would probably be could. It is H shaped so that should make it pretty stable.


The Benchmark H is super stable, but the Gradient is so awesome!


Most stable yoyos I’ve ever owned/thrown: YYF Northstar, CLYW Chief


All comes down to budget.

Hard to beat Benchmark H for price to quality ratio, in terms of a stable H yoyo.

Genesis is legendary for stability.


My price range is about 100$


I was looking at the superstar because it comes with a protostar. Are they stable??


Yes superstars are pretty stable.


Superstars are quite stable. In a similar category to (pre-2014) Genesis.


superstar is VERY stable. For a plastic, so is the protostar. for $80 for a superstar and protostar, you really can;t beat the price.