Please help.

Hi there . I’ve been playing with my new PowerYo BlackWidow for a almost a week now and i’m really concerned. It doesn’t spin like it used to.the sleepers are very short and not straight and it makes a burning rope sound every time i throw. I’ve hit it a few times pretty hard and i’ve alreeady changed the string once. I’m new at yoyoing and kind of obsessed. I learn tricks day and night…Therfore, i will be very grateful for any advice. Thank you!

Have you tried cleaning the bearing? Use some mineral spirits or lighter fluid.
Put some in a small container like a pillbox, film canister, or anything really and let the bearing soak in it. Take the bearing out and spin it very well on the top of a pencil. Add a tiny bit of lube and spin some more.,871.0.html Take a look at this guide as well.
Any more questions go ahead and ask :slight_smile:

I’ve never heard of a PowerYo BlackWidow, but if it’s that bad here is what you should do.

    1. Try to buy, sell, or trade it to get something good.

    2. Agree with the first guy.

       That's all I have to say.

I think the first thing is to check the bearing. Try cleaning it. I prefer mineral spirits. I also recommend using a glass container for your cleaning products. Some plastics will melt from mineral spirits. However, you’ll notice that lighter fluid often comes in a plastic container… I use a small baby food jar for my cleanings. Of course, it has been thoroughly cleaned first!

I’m not advocating against lighter fluid, I just prefer to use mineral spirits.

After you’ve de-shielded and cleaned the bearing, you need to dry it out. Use some compressed air while spinning the beaing on a pencil or pen and it should spin fairly free with a finger flick. Lightly lube it using YYJ thin lube, One Drop’s VM4 or YYF’s Performance Oil. I prefer the YYJ Thin lube for the most part. Just a drop is enough. Replace the shields and play it for a couple of hours. See where you are with it. Lubing will slow it down a bit and make it a bit more responsive for a while but once broken in, the lube mainly serves to protect the bearing.

You may want to replace the bearing if it’s not working at this point. The costs of a new bearing will be fairly small. Terrapin X bearings(look them up on Ebay) are great, don’t cost a lot and don’t need lube. Or you can buy a bearing from YYE. Just know what size you need, so look up your yoyo and it should tell you. If you are confused, contact YYE and they’ll help you out or ask more questions here. There’s almost always someone willing to help.

Don’t give up yet and toss it on buy/sell/trade. A bearing is a cheap investment.