please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


wat can i clean a yyf protostar bearing with and wat item that u can find at home that will make it unresponsive
thanks in advance

(LookAYoYo) #2

paint thinner is the most common. you can also use lighter fluid like in a zippo


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bearings can be cleaned with a lot of things from lighter fluid to compressed air. but i would recomend searching the fourms before you do anything with it.


also a protostart is all ready an unresponsive yoyo out of the box isnt it?


Please don’t double post. And most yoyos can come responsive or not.


Use Mineral Spirits Paint Thinner if you have it.
to make it unresponsive, well, clean it.the debris inside of the bearing before you clean it wont let the bearing spin freely, and it will catch the string more easily.

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Throw it until you break it in. It is good for you


You can use nail polish REMOVER if you use nail polish the yoyo will not be happy :’(
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But it won’t care because it’ll be pretty! :stuck_out_tongue:

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