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Hey guys Im thinking about buying a new yoyo. I am a mostly 4a player so the thing is it annoys me that you cant really play 4a out of the house. I was thinking about buying a yoyo that i can use for 1a and 4a like the dark magic but the thing is its big for a pocket yoyo. Then i started looking at the dingo but if i buy that one ill have to sacrifice the whole 1a and 4a thing. I was wondering what you guys think i should do.

My dark magic fits in my pocket just fine. It just sits quietly in my back pocket during school haha.

the thing is i dont like having big things in my pockets

Buy one of them yoyo holders. They really come in handy. If you wanna do 4A you want the widest gap possible so it’s a bad situation you got there.

im sorta pushing it with fifty dollars so i cant really buy any extras and i dont want the yoyo to be noticeable

Get a legacy, it’s way worth it and it’s half the price. It has the same specs as the dark magic except it doesnt have metal rims.

can you use a legacy for 4a

hey guys can anyone put up pictures of the dingo and dark magic comparing them to other yoyos so i can see the size


You don’t need to bump this many times. The Dark Magic and the legacy have the same shape and gap. The only difference is that the legacy is plastic.

whats a better 1a player a dark magic or dingo and also does anyone have pics comparing the legacy and dark magic

Never had a dingo before, but as I said, the legacy and the dark magic are the same.

i’ve decided the dingo