Playmaxx/ProYo Contests?

Dating myself here, but my first and only contest was a Playmaxx/ProYo Contest in the mid/late 90’s at a HobbyTown USA. Those were pretty much the precursor to Sports, or Trick, ladder contests. Has YYF thought of going back to another contest formula that could tour around outside of the mainstream contests?

I remember when they came around our area there was always an uptick in the interest in yoyos, not everyone stuck with it, but many did.

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We love doing those tours! Working with new players, teaching tricks and helping create the competitive enthusiasm in each and every player. When the time is right we will do it again. (Not too long ago we did the Tony Hawk Tours with good success).


Still have the World Tour button and patch from the one I was a part of. If I remember correctly we had to use a ProYo, maybe ProYo II for the contest. Mine was blue with holographic pogs. Got my Turbo Bumble Bee and Hyper Wasp shortly after that became my main yoyos up until 2013 :grin:

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