World Team Proyo

Hey Hans. I have to say, I have been a big fan since the Playmaxx days in the 90’s. What was it like traveling the world with, Kate, John, Julius, and Ben? Watching you guys always made me want to play 2A, but all these years later I am still a novice lol.

Also, what was your favorite Playmaxx yo-yo?


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Start with your last question first: X-Ray Bee was the pinnacle of Playmaxx quality, performance and design. (Hyper Wasp same).

Traveling the world and running yoyo promotions requires professional behavior, commitment to the task, and energy that is rarely found in most of mankind. I look back warmly on John Higby, Ben McPhee, Julius and Kate Miller (Can’t forget Craig Squires and John Huber) for their dedication to the requirements that I set and their passion to bringing smiles to their audiences each and every day. None of it was easy and I was a taskmaster. I rarely thanked them but rather just expected them to bring their “A-Game” every single day. We did shows from 7am to midnight many days (9 or 10 shows a day in the heat, in the sun, in the rain, 7 days a week for months at a time). Rarely took a break for a meal. I always expected the best from my team and those guys stepped up to the task. I doubt there was a harder working team ever in the history of yo-yo promotion.


The x-ray bee!