Hey Hans!
With Yoyofactory, what were your struggles and highs when forming the company? Did you think the company would be where it is today when you started Yoyofactory with Ben? Thanks!


We formed the company in 2003 with the mission to make yo-yos that were reliable, rugged and affordable with innovation to make the job easier for the demonstrator and the player. I had all of the past experience from traveling the world and experiencing those struggles of the limits of the product and the skill of the casual player. Today I think we have achieved and surpassed those original goals. I will tell you this…when I first had the idea in my head to do this I reached back into my experiences and knew that I wouldn’t move forward with any of my plans without Ben joining me. Ideas are nothing without implementation. Ben was (and still is) the hardest working person in yoyos. Much of the success that YYF (and Playmaxx) achieved has Ben’s DNA twisted tightly in its history.
The struggles are a daily occurrence. Creating new product and getting it right in production. Finding new corners of the planet to find the next great yoyo player that can inspire the next generation of players.
The highs have been watching our hard work pay off in contest wins on the National and World Stage. These wins let me know that we are doing the right thing for the community and the top level players.


YoyoFactory is my favorite company! Are you coming to Illinois states?


Thanks for your support for the YYF brand! Glad we could earn your respect. Unfortunately I won’t be at Illinois States.


Will any one else from yyf be at Illinois states?

@Travelingyoyokid Not to my knowledge…

Thanks! Yoyofactory is totally my favorite company! I’ve only purchased yyf from day one :raised_hands:t4:


@yoyo_girl_700 I hope to meet you someday at a contest or a promotion in your country. I have really enjoyed your instagram posts.


Yeah same here, I’d love to meet you! Thanks for the support!

Rugged yoyos? Your dream came true. Just dropped my hammer on my Replay, not a scratch… 'Tis but a flesh wound

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