Player over throw.

Whenever I see someone ask:

Which yoyo is the best?
Which yoyo spins the longest?
How does it perform?

It depends on you, the player. I believe you can perform any trick with a decent plastic as you could with an expensive metal. As my sig says, “It is no the yoyo that makes the player, it is the hands they are thrown in.” Yes, metals will spin longer than plastics but that is besides the point. You don’t need an expensive metal, but they are pretty darn awesome.


a good powerfully(i cant spell) spining yoyo,wether metal or plastic or a combination of both, does make it much easier to learn and enjoy yoyoing…on the other hand,it’s allot of fun to play with "lesser"yoyos once you are at a skill level where you can still play well. ED hopnick…

True. I started on a Lyn Fury and didn’t get a metal for some time. I truly did enjoy that Lyn a lot.

There are a few grind tricks that are significantly more difficult on a plastic but other than that, I agree entirely.