Player Cards

When I made an order of $210 off the site I didn’t receive any player trading cards with the package I received. Is there a new service or did you forget to put them in? >:( >:( >:(

ya why dont we get cards any more?

As I understand, the 2011 promotion ran out sometime in early 2012.

As I hear, new cards are in the works. I am holding off on my YYE orders for a bit until new cards drop, but also because I don’t have the spare money to spend AND I’m not sure what I want to get AND I’m waiting for certain yoyo models to be released. Plus I’m hoping YYE gets the accessory Duncan mod-spacers and Duncan 35mm Titanium axles in stock.

If YYJ doesn’t release the Trigger soon, I’m gonna have to drive to JD’s shop and camp out in front of his shop until he either sells me one or gives me one! It’s OK, he’s only about an hour away from me! If I was near YYE headquarters, I’d do the same thing.
Just kidding, I wouldn’t camp out there. I’ve just been really excited over this one and can’t wait for them to become available.

I want to get a trigger!!!

It’s taking really long for 2012 edition trading cards.

2012 is half done.

I don’t think 2011 cards came out until late last year. Probably gonna be the same way this year.

Does anyone know when the 2012 YYE trading cards come out.

They come out when they come out.

Later this year I think.

Wait, people actually like those cards?

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Mine all go into the trash for the most part. Not like I order 10 times a year. I’ll never get a set. I usually look at them and then they get tossed.

Haha my thoughts exactly.

I hang onto the cards. Heck, send them to me at my expense next time. I like to make a set for keeping, then a set for trading/giving away. Any duplicates are traded or given away.

Yes, I like the cards. Just something different. I couldn’t care less about baseball cards, football cards, basketball cards, hockey cards… Just not sports I could give a crap about.

But, to each their own. I am not making purchases based on getting cards or not. If I’m gonna place an order, I’m gonna place an order.

They told me theyre starting them again in august.

I do… I like them, and I got Prize #1 last time, won $250 in one of those card packs. I found a bearing in a card pack too. I won twice basically. I think it’s a very nice thing they are doing, benefits promoting the companies the players are sponsored by, great for fans of the brands and players, gives people something to collect if they’re into cards and yo-yoing, and it’s an opportunity to win. I think they’re great! Love them.

How many different cards are there?

Enough. :wink: