trading cards?

Soooo when do you get trading cards with an order? I’ve had a couple of orders and not a single trading card in any of them! Do they still give them out or is their a order package minumum or something?

I hear that the 2011 trading cards promotions are done.

I’m assuming that the 2012 trading cards will be arriving soon. I can’t wait.

I just completed my 2011 trading card collection. I have spares I’m hanging onto for autographs. I also have some I’m trading and/or giving away.

Does anyone else here feel that the 2012 cards should actually be through all of 2012? Not half of it? No offense.

Baseball cards don’t do this. Football cards don’t do this. But, they also just sell them until they are gone

I know they probably have to get clearances and approval for the photos. It probably takes a bit of time to get real information that they are in fact competing or are active in the year. Then the graphic design, the verbage on the back, gathering up the rest of the information. Even a set of 40 cards or so, you can see, it’s a bit of work, especially with no established methods in place for ensuring the data is centralized into a single location.

With a sports team, you can have a backroom person compiling and gathering the data to submit to the league headquarters and/or the card makers. But even with sports cards, there’s the issue with off-season movements, new photos, fast updates of little bits of information, updating bios, and then the rookies, which might not be confirmed until the season starts, which delays publication. Yoyo typically isn’t quite that dynamic.