How do you get the trading cards???

They are apparently part of some promotional periods.

Last year, the 2011 cards were giving out in 3 packs through I think Winter 2011 through part of Spring 2012.

When I first started purchasing from YYE in 2011, they were giving out the 2010 cards, so I ended up with a few of those.

Some people think the cards are silly. I think they are pretty neat. I’m not buying to get cards, but they are a neat “freebie”. I also think YYE should sell complete packs for a modest price too as i think they’d sell as a complete set. They are like other sports cards, but without the extensive stats. Name, couple of pictures, some major awards and a short bio.

Other than that, I may have a near complete set that I might be willing to trade away for something not expensive. Or I may hang onto some of them for signatures from contests I attend and/or do sound for.

I have a complete set that I’m going to put in binder sheets for holding trading cards, along with extras that I’ve received signed.