Trading cards

Where can I get the yoyo trading cards?

In the past you received them with YYE orders.

And now how can i get it?


If i trade?

What do you mean by that?

Chances are someone will want to trade something for the cards.

I gotta go through mine. Gotta get them all nice and in card holders, sort out my duplicate set(incomplete) for signatures, and then trade the rest away.

I think I’ve found my Monday project!

If you really want cards i have a lot i could trade you.

I have a signed andre boulay and a signed Steve brown:)

Hmm. pm me.

Is trade the only way?

Can I buy or something?

I emailed yye recently and they said tht they are making a 2013 series of cards. So if you wait, you should be able to get some.

That’s what I’m going to do.

From when do yye going to ship them when we buy

They posted in the blog the other day, they start shipping NOW. Buy something today, and they are sent out with your order. It is the new series. The number of card packs you receive is dependent upon how much you spend in that transaction. I’m excited to get the new cards with my next order.

Can I buy the cards separately?

Not from the store, but you can buy separately from an individual on the forum who has collected the card you want (or complete set), who is willing to sell to you.

If you are seeking cards specifically from past series’, just post your wants in the buy/sell/trade section. Many of us have cards and duplicates but we do not know specifically what cards you want. Are you looking for a specific player card, a complete set of series one…or two? Specify that, and maybe someone can help you acquire the cards.

For the new series, it will take some time though, because they just came out. The only way to get those immediately, is to buy from the store and start collecting yourself, otherwise it will be a wait to see who has the cards you want. That may take some patience.

I was wondering the same thing for awhile, you get then in your orders. :slight_smile: