Plastic yoyo?

Is it me or has no one attempted to make a plastic yoyo that grinds in all aspects. Let me clarify. While the plastic grind machine does grind, it doesn’t grind as well as a lot of my metals and there is no inner ring to grind on. I have not found any plastic that matches a metals shape except for maybe protostar or as such but yyf put a big bulb in the middle of all those which makes it impossible to thumb grind. If you took out the hub stacks on the grind machine you could with practice and small fingers make a thumb grind but to me those rings are the key to the problem. Imagine if yyf had put the plastic rings on the outside diameter with an inside lip for thumb grinding on the grind machine and did away with the hubs. I would even like a plastic dv888. Heck I would even go for a plastic one drop with side effects and those grooves on the inside that they do for grinding like on the code 2. Don’t get me wrong, I like metals but I practice most of my yoing with my plastics cuz im not afraid of them hitting the ground. But I can’t fit a thumb grind or what not into the my routine with my plastics. Or practice thumb grinds at all unless I dig out my metals. I think it would be a very profitable venture for a company to go after. your thoughts?

Well it’s just that plastic isn’t a material that’s made for grinding.

Maybe you should get a Delrin to practice grinding with?

Do you know one that would suit my needs? all delrins I’ve seen don’t have a irg.

Maybe you could try submitting your idea into different companies and see what happens from there…

Thats also why I posted here. To bring awareness. And maybe they will ask me for my prototype design. Hey it could happen. ;D

There’s the new stackless grind machine you might consider.

Ive done that already. Not the same unfortunately. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the C3yoyodesign Halo has a IGR. It plays awesome and grinds well. Definitely one of the best plastics,let alone yoyos, I’ve tried.

3yo3 grind king grind better than most aluminum yoyos! It is made of pure teflon

Halo is made of delrin.

Yes. That’s what he said. In case you didn’t know, delrin is a type of plastic.

I do like the halo. It grinds better than other plastics, though not as good as any of the metals I have. It doesn’t have a rim though and has a pretty shallow cup.

As a general player however I like it quite a bit.
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the YYF Counterattack is decent for the price for grinding, due to the metal weights…For Delrin, I just bought the 3yo3 Volume, and it grinds quite nicely for 75 dollars…

If you don’t specifically want a plastic and want something made for grinding and are ok with undersize I’d suggest looking at the smooth move.
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3yo3 hammerhead and some other 3yo3’s have irgs for thumbgrinds

3yo3 Grind King.

I mean, come on, it’s called the Grind King…

Made of teflon, I believe.

mannnnn reading this thread makes me want to buy a counter attack … again … miss that thing :-\

same here…I gave mine away in the secret santa…But Jayyo im sure loved it. lol.It is such a great yyf for the price.