plastic whip

yeah im bad with any kinda whip got any tips

Find a magic lamp, and rub it. If a genie grants you three wishes, ask him to help you with whips.

or i could just watch Silento whip

For plastic whip its all in the wrist movement. Remember to whip as you pop the yoyo high enough for you to catch it. But really takes practice. And a good wrist snap

Plastic Whip is sort of special to me, was actually probably one of the first YYE tutorials I learned…on my Pocket Pros Zombie. I learned the hard way about the importance of responsive vs unresponsive though as initially I had a few knuckle busters from that slim, thin metal yoyo (with a loud ping! sound). At this time, my bearing was just starting to break in and I learned the benefits of flipping those funky response pads over so they didn’t have those little nubs.

To further add on that whip, I like to arc my hand up and over, creates a huge slack. This tip works if you want to do a “slow” whip. But for something quicker, you’ll want that snappier whip that was mentioned.

Whips are interesting as you need to keep your string tension neutral. Also, check out the first part of the tutorial and notice André demonstrates the whip without actually trying to catch the yoyo on the string. Doing this can help you see and understand what’s happening. Practice just whipping that string. When you can get a nice loop each time, then try the trick.

When I first attempted whips I whipped harder and faster than I needed to. This prevented me from seeing what was happening and messed up my timing. Try experimenting with the speed of your whips as well.

Hang in there! You’ll get it. :wink:

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