plastic whip

ok so i can do plasic whip, but sometimes the loop ends up on the wrong side of the yoyo or it gets twisted. how is this happening

mainly for me, i whip too slow and the loop gets reversed. when i go fast, it catches.

Could also be because of string tension. If your string is bound too tightly or loosely, it will twist in mid-air, thereby messing up your trick or just giving you a twisted loop when you land the trick. I would check that as well as what xcon888 said, try to practice whipping it faster. Hope that helps! :smiley:

k thx guys.

Also, you might need to aim a little bit to the right of the yoyo as opposed to aiming directly at the yoyo. Also, try tilting your hand a little bit so that’s it pointing towards your right just a little bit.

ether ur string tension is not right or ur just hiting wrong part of loop when u whip

This is exactly right, I used to have this problem as well. Just aim to the right more.