Help on Plastic Whip

Plastic whip keeps landing with the loop in front of the yoyo so I can’t bind. Any tips?


Not sure if this is the cause but make sure your string tension is neutral :slight_smile:


It is

Never mind I found out how. I just had to throw the slack further and pull the yoyo higher

I don’t think it has to do with how far or up you throw the slack/yoyo.

I think your problem on the picture is that you throw the loop on the wrong side of the yoyo. (It should be on your TH side)

Here’s a quick slowmo of how you end up with the mount on your picture:

And here’s how you should do it:

Good luck!
Plastic whip is an awesome trick.


i love how you titled the videos “Jade whip”. very creative. :wink:

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Oups! Nice catch :sweat_smile:
Correcting that mistake…

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