Plastic Whip


I’ve been trying for a while.

2 Problems:
Everytime I do it I can’t get the loop to stay(On my friends yoyos)
My M1 keeps returning

I don’t know why my M1 does that, I’ve had it for a week and I’ve played a lot but its still responsive ??? (Do I need to buy thinner pads?)

Please and Thanks for Help :wink:

  1. Make sure your “L” shape is very profound. This is the basis of the trick, so dont let it mess up in any way. Also, make sure you make a large whipping motion. You need the string to travel up and over the string on your hand.

  2. Don’t worry about the M1. It is always responsive like that for a while. You could buy thinner pads, but thats not the problem. The problem is the bearing. 10balls often take a long time to break in, but play extremely well after doing so. Just keep playing.


2.It’s been 1 week!?

1.My hand kinda looks like this when I do it:



I don’t get your hand picture, but it’ll take probably about 3 weeks to break in.


holy moly

the hand is a picture of what my hand looks like:
Top is thumb


These are fingers


(yoyofreakazoid (adam)) #6

yes my frends m1 was just like that but i lube his yoyo a little and deshielded his bearing and it works fine


Im not sure about the M1 but I think it might hae an adjustable gap or you could check your string tension and make sure that the string is not touching the sides of the yoyo and affecting its spin.

(JonasK) #8

It has a fixed gap. It just needs to be broken in.


you could clean it in mineral spirits if you get to impatient, still plays great, is my favorite bearing.

and just make a big forward whip motion.


I’m having a huge problem with this trick as well. Everytime it catches the string attached to my finger through the loop, resulting in a knot on dismount. Everytime. My technique must be off but I can’t figure out how. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks.


Try to have your thumb at 11 o clock.


i had some trouble with this trick for a while too. Personally, i don’t think andre explained it well at all, but ill do my best (not the best explainer see). andre makes it seem like you throw it over your hand. i find it MUCH easier just to throw it forward. thats right throw it forward. while the slack you created by the sudden negative area(or whatever you call it) is going down put your thumb out so that it catchs the loop. don’t even focus on catching it, focus on the gap, you will almost certainly catch it on the thumb, your thumb will be sideways, like in a so-so or hangten kind of way.


I found Andre’s explanation to be plenty good. I actually got it the first time I tried. But then it took forever before I got it a second time. Beginners luck I suppose.

But anyway, here’s what worked for me. Instead of concentrating on making the loop, focus on throwing the yo-yo up. Then once it pops up go for the loop.

It’s still really one motion but mentally you’re approaching it differently.

Pop it up, then go for the loop.

At least this is what worked for me.


also if your problem is both strings hitting the gap (which is what it sounds like) instead of having your thumb and finger in an L like straight out in front of you turn your hand clockwise just a lil bit (like your index at 1 or so) and that should help


You’re getting a knot right? Yeah. Okay, play with a still yoyo. See if you can “whip” / put the string right. Once you could, try to do it so you get a knot. Then you’ll know how you should “aim” the whip.