Plastic Version of New Breed?

Is there a plastic version of the New Breed?


It would be pretty difficult to make one. The rims of the New Breed are stuck to the plastic body at an awkward angle, it is very obvious that they are made seperately. Tee rims do not give the feeling that they “fuse” with the plastic, like other metal-rimmed yoyos. To make a plastic version, thay would have to find a irregular-shaped mould.

Not done but not that hard. All they have to do is make a mold of the new breed and then thats it. Theoretically.

But the rims should be made separately from the body, since plastic and aluminium has different melting points. So there should not be a single mold for making it.

the closet is legacy

the rims on the mew breed and atmosphere are press fit, the rims on most of the other hybrid yoyos are molded on and thus interlock with the yoyo.