Plastic Prototype Favor

So, if anyone has enough spare time, materials, and kindness to make me a prototype of my plastic design, please do DM me, that would be very appreciated!

(I don’t know if this is against the rules so feel free to delete it if it does)

Uh, do you know what is involved in making a plastic prototype? You might try googling a bit first to understand.


What type of plastic are you thinking? Most plastics are quite involved. But something like Delrin is easier. If it’s a delrin design, maybe @Glenacius_K would be up to working with you?

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I do, and I have all the files and (hopefully) spare time ready to go, so if this is a success, I’ll let y’all know!

Also I was thinking PC but I can easily adjust the design for ABS

You might be better off 3d printing a prototype.


Hey guys I just designed this car, it’s sort of like a Tesla but way way even better.


Anyone got any experience in auto engineering or perhaps manufacturing science that could build this for me?

Hopefully before school starts back up because I have Lacrosse practice.


Making a single injection moulded plastic prototype is probably almost as expensive as making a run of 200 of them.


Alright this is a misunderstanding

I’m printing the yo-yos


Does your local library have a 3D printer you can use?

Nope. Don’t think people in my area even knows 3d printing is a thing

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If you have some money laying around, you’d be able to find a decent new printer for cheap or a better used one. It’s a small investment (small compared to a lot of other things) but if you like to design things, then getting one is a sound purchase.

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You can order your own designs on and they’ll 3D print and ship it to you.

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