Hello fellow members;Looking for help designing a yoyo.

This is the team manager of Yo-FiniTy,

We are looking for help on designing on a yoyo.Plastic to start off for now.Just PM me or comment below on any help you have

are you saying you want to design a plastic first? why a plastic? it’ll be more expensive to make for a short run, unless you use delrin.

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Well what ever is the easiest to make so aluminum first?

Plastic is 100x more expensive to make small runs. Aluminum is not. I suggest you do your research before getting started.

a small run of 10 proto’s out of 6061 aluminum will be anywhere from $500 to $700

also keep in mind a lot of people are making yoyo’s now so don’t expect to make a huge profit or for them to fly off the shelves.

is anyone from your team experienced with CAD? if not I can help design it for you if you’re serious about doing this. I helped tropic spins make their yoyo.