plasti-dip/baz pads


anybody using plasti-dip for response?
Seems like it could work good, and baz pads were made with it.
Plus, it comes in lots of colors.
I’m thinking something like monkey snot.


If it’d been done before and has worked, then I suspect if you tried it using the same material in the same fashion, then yes it should work.


Yoyo play has changed, and those pads seem a bit old school. Just wondering. And I am sure I will get around to trying it.

(WildCat23) #4

It’ll work in pad response yoyos, not silicone recessed ones.


I did it once in a dv888 about a year ago and they still work


Parts is parts. :wink:


I still have some yoyos that use pads.

Baz pads- miss those days.


chaz pads are the same as baz pads

there was also a large tutorial on how to make them somewhere


I believe the baz pad tutorial is on another board.


I can figure out how to use it, and I think it would be easier to pour directly into the yoyo than make them separatly. I was just looking of feedback on the feeling/response.


I haven’t looked at the baz pad how to in a long time, but I think he flattened them on the backing to achieve some uniformity in thickness. That would be hard to do with a direct pour. I know silicone is done that way but normally you have a deeper recess to work with and in most cases it’s smoothed w/a tool of some sort.

As for feel, I think they pretty much are the same as any other pad, old or new. (parts is parts).

(gee_) #12

Pouring plasti-dip directly into the groove doesn’t work. The plasti-dip needs to be thinned first using naptha to prevent bubbles and make it an even thickness. Otherwise, when dry, the plasti-dip will be uneven and full of holes.