Chaz Pads?

Out of curiosity, I was wondering if anyone knew how to make Chaz Pads, or if there was tutorial somewhere on the forum. I was looking for a tutorial mentioned in a thread from 2012, but, no dice. If anyone has mastered the art of chaz pads and willing to share their secrets with me, please let me know. They’ve always been my favorite pads to use, and it would seem that just about all of my older yoyos that accept pads are in need of a change. (BTW, I’m not sure if this is in the right section, so please let me know it it isn’t.)

What are Chaz pads?

I wish I could find a punch that guys were using back in the day to make them. If I remember it was a liquid rubber that you could buy at home depot. And pretty much you poured that onto a wax paper and after it hardened you would put the sheet of rubber on a page of double sided tape then punch them out.

There use to be a good tutorial on YYN if I remember correctly. Wish I would’ve saved it.

As I recall they were made with the rubber you dip tool handles in. People also tried pouring it in the pad recess but that didn’t work too well as it didn’t stick.

You can buy a cheap set of punches of that size at Harbor Freight.

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Happy Throwback Thursday my friend! We found a box of old parts when we were doing inventory and your post inspired me to finally get these Chaz Pads online:

That is perfect timing! Did this use to be a common size of response pad?

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I believe it’s .555 size. Dif-e-yo makes some .555 as well.

Plastidip I think is what was used. Stoked to these pop up in stock, grabbed a few

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HEY! Thank you! I went ahead and copped 6 pairs. That should last me quite a while, but after that, I’ll probably resort to wearing down Duncan friction stickers if they still make them lmao.
Thank you so so so much!
Also, I believe that they used to somehow add naptha to the chaz pads to make them an even thickness, but I suppose that’s an art that’s been lost to time. ;D