Baz pads too responsive!


I recently picked up a bunch of unopened older yoyo’s. They were new in the box and unopened. They all have or use some sort of friction sticker or pad and not the silicone I am used to.

Is there a break in process to get these to be less grippy? Specifically the Baz Pads in my Antiyo Business. The bearing is absolutely dead but the pads are super grippy! The yoyo snags and shoots back into my hand during long string tricks if I get to many strings into the gap.

The pads in my Antiyo Bape also have the same thing going on. Are there any break in tips or should I just keep playing them until they hit their sweet spots?

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If I recall correctly, Baz pads were a homemade pad using plastic dip. I’m not certain how quickly they break in or wear down or even how uniform they are in thickness. You might remove one and see how the yoyo plays. It seems odd today, but it wasn’t uncommon for yoyos to come with response on just one side. You could also just replace one pad with a thinner, slicker pad.

Correct me if I’m mistaken on the Baz pads guys. I was wrong once before so it is possible, though not likely, that it could happen again. :wink:


They were homemade but he made them pretty uniform. You could try just taking one out and saving it for later.


Thanks I will give that shot! My SPYY Addict only has one pad as does my Duncan MG. Craziness!


Baz pads were great, but they do take a while to break in. Taking one off and playing it that way until it slips, then putting the other one on in conjunction with the dying one will be awesome.