This is such a weird trick. Every single tutorial I have come across is different. NONE are the same. Most tend to end with a B shaped picture. Some don’t. But since the majority do wouldn’t you think it would be called Plan B? Is there a ‘D’ or a ‘d’ in there that im not seeing? I know Andre made this trick so obviously there is a* right way to do it is his. I’m guessing he must change it up? Comments, concerns… etc

Use this one: http://mastermagic.net/Tricks.html (scroll down until you see “plan d”). Andre “invented” the trick. He’ll teach you it the way it is suppose to be.  :wink: (Andre does the tut…)

NOTE: You can get a first person view by clicking “view 2.” Hope this helped.

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Why is it called Plan D and not plan B though? ;D

I actually asked Andre about this in a PM: He said the end product of it looked sort of like a duck. but that didn’t sound as cool so they went with “plan d.”

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what kind of yoyo looks like a duck lol. or the picture? i dont see it, it must be an inside joke ;D

The string at the end of the trick looks like a duck (the string forms a duck head looking thing at the end of the trick).

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