Is this trick named?

Around 50 seconds in Andre goes into like the first part of White Buddha and pops the yoyo up and catches it in a GT…

Is this trick (or  that mount) named?

I’ve been working with it and can do it every now and then (Nice to throw into a buddha’s revenge) and granted, mine looks no where near as awesome as Andre’s but it still looks cool and I was over at the park by my grandma’s house yoyoing and landed it and a little kid asked the name, I was like

“Uhhh, Modified one and a half into a triangle?”

he does it so smooth i dont know if it has a name maybe its just a way to get into a gt that he created

As far as I know, its just one of his own creations and probably doesn’t have a name.

One thing I just realized about this trick is that I have been doing it wrong!

He actually COMPLETELY lets go of all strings, and somehow threads his fingers into the loop that forms and lands the GT.



I know it bugs me! I have to guide the string under the yoyo, its like his string bends to his will!


I was doing it the wrong way too!!! :smiley: I just twisted tje sitngs and landed it there, He sorta makes a slack.

It his of his own creation, so probably no name.

That how National Master’s are… :wink: Lol.

Maybe you should ask Andre how he does it.  ;D