Trick Name Help

Ok, so I made up this trick and I’m not so sure what to call it… :-\ All I need is your best opinion! If you have something else please post! :wink:

What does it look like?

Um… I can’t post a vid on it… But here’s what you do.

  1. Trapeze
  2. Pop to 1.5 mount
  3. The next to parts in Buddha’s Revenge
  4. Go into the 2 strings
  5. Release the string on your throw hand index
  6. Dismount to the Tapeze and his brother
  7. Pop to Matrix
  8. Kwijibo
  9. Do one of those triangle thingys :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s more of a Advanced trick. Nothing really special about it… :-\

buddha and his bro

niether it should be called budda’s bro or matix budda’s bow

ok so when i hear budda i think buddism and when i think buddism i think enlightenment. When i hear the matrix i think of the movies and when i think of the matrix movies i think of Neo. so i would call it ‘Neo’s Enlightenment’ or ‘Enlightened Neo’

The word Neo means new or refreshed. How about New Enlightenment?

between the two assasin. Ninja assasin doesn’t really roll of the tounge that well. If you need some inspiration here’s the names to some of my yoyo tricks,
Black Buhdda
Scaleing Geomitry
Jail Break
hope this helped.

how about the floating tower? :stuck_out_tongue: