New trick, Hatrick


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You posted the same video in another section.
Delete one of them

(M²) #3

s’ok, but you can’t call the laceration at the beggening part of the trick, it’s just a combo.

(DOGS) #4

^ not really… If it’s part of his trick it’s part of his trick…

(M²) #5

it just seems to me that if you put an entire trick at the beggening or end of your trick, it’s a combo. Laceration is just another way to get into trapeze so maybe he should just say trapeze, but it’s his vid, he can do what he wants.


wait. . . u named ur trick after a yoyo?

(M²) #7

i belive thats it, i actually thought about naming a trick the same thing, but then thought to myself… theres so many people out there that would do the same thing, and any trick i could make wouldn’t be able to do this wonderful yoyo justice…


hahaha i agree. . . bout doing the yoyo justice :stuck_out_tongue:


yes the yoyo and also because at the end of the trick you end with three strings around the bearing, which reminds me of three goals in soccer, known as a hatrick


Sweet trick. Looks really cool when you do it fast.