places toyoyo indoors that is free

places for people to meet at short notice and throw other than malls

Gyms? I dunno, maybe throw while waiting for the weight lifts? or at party places. Used to bring my FHZ pulse with the light up counterweight for parties. Stuffs was so cash till it ding on the marble counter. Or maybe fast foods like Mc Donalds where they have those kiddy lands? Pump stations?

A friend’s house.

Library that’s where we do our oyo meets.

Parks, playgrounds, library, little league fields, empty lots, schoolyards after school, empty field, football fields, maybe meet up outside a specific destination (McDonald’s, movie theatre) and throw OUTSIDE, without going in.

I’ve only been to two different meetups. One was at a yoyo store on a pier, and the other was right outside a starbucks in a shopping center.

that actually sounds like a good idea. Depending on the size of the library, some might have meeting rooms for people to use. As long as you’re, y’know, quiet. :wink:

At your local country club of course. Sip Dom Perignon and enjoy some caviar while sharing your newest tricks. Top hats and monocles are mandatory. :wink:

Where? I must join

A random field on the side of a road. Use the GPS function on your phone to find each other. :wink:
If you want to be serious, check out a park. Just my ideas, no actual experience.

A hobby shop? Or sometimes I book one of the meeting/studying rooms at my local library and have a semi-public sesh. It’s cool because people see you, but they cant bother you with questions like “walk the dog”.

OP asked for places indoors and as many people suggested … Libraries are great. The libraries around northern va have meeting rooms that you can reserve for free online. And we never had any complaints about being too loud and we always have yoyos flying around all over the place :smiley:

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Ever considered your house? Lol

Give a specific city or town and we could probably give you specific locations.

In Moscow there are covered (heated) pedestrian bridges over rivers that make great spots for people to meet, but that won’t help you.

A yoyo club of course!