pictures of my old school mods


I recently got back into yoyoing after 10-15years.
So I decided to take some pics of a few mods and post them here.
Tell me what you think about them :wink:

The spiked FH0 was done by Dave Poyzer
The wooden Fire Wheels was made By Alan Gray It has a special bearing holder. (Unique piece)
The Fire wheels was recessed by Alan Gray and painted by Calico Joe (Joe Havrilla)
I believe the FH2 with weight rings and the FH0 with viper shells (I think) were done by Takeshi.

The last pictures shows painted yoyos by John Higby

Nice. I remember seeing some of those years ago. Seems like the painting, dyeing and mod work has slowed a lot in recent years.

I remember your screenname i think ;D
Do you know the name of the o-rings in the modded FH0 with viper shells. I have so many old parts, also other red o-rings and stuff I don’t know the names anymore.
Are Higby, Takeshi, Seth peterson, calicojoe, Eric Wolff,… still active?
Higby’s painted yoyo’s where very wanted at that time.


Can’t say I’ve ever seen those red rings in the FH0/viper.

Haven’t seen any of those guys around the forums recently. Higby has done some recent trades here.

Nice! My favorite is the wood FH.