Pick one, i need your opinions ASAP!!!

Alright guys, I can order my aquarius TONIGHT if i decide on Lyn. But If not and I go with Speed Maker then I will just wait till they come back in stock. But I honestly and Truly dont know which one to get. Now, i dont have to get either of them but I would like to get something else with my Aquarius to cut down on shipping costs.

So if you dont think I should get either of them then tell me your suggestion!

NOTE: I only have 40 bucks so dont say something like “Get a DNA with it”. :wink:

kickside!!! :wink:

Preference? Anyways, I say Lyn.


Yes, Samad. I know all about preference dont worry i didnt forget! :wink:

But I like these two yoyos, i just couldnt decide

I already have a legacy but thanks :slight_smile:

Ah! How did I forget! Stackless PGM!

PGM’s rock your socks 1000 blocks :smiley:

SHAZAM: http://yoyoexpert.com/product/yoyofactory/grind-machine/

The man is correct! If you don’t want to stretch it then I say go with the LF. It depends on your style, Speed or Something else? Remeber preference

yes yes, i know preference. But what!?!? Thanks to Samad wise advice I decided just to get an Aquarius. I dont need anymore yoyos, all I really need is the Aquarius to get me started with my Offstring. Thank you Samad for saving me my money! :smiley: :wink: