Speeder Or Aquarius?

(Connor) #1

Im trying to decide on my next yoyo. What should I get? :-\

(DrSqueakers) #2

;)Deffenitly get a Speeder :wink: they sleep beter and are better for string tricks, grinds and a lot of other stuff!

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well are you wanting to do 4 am or 1a if 4A its defiantly the Aquarius. if its 1a its the speeder you need. if you use the Aquarius for 1 a it might be hard because its over sized. and if you use the speeder for 4a its harder because its smaller and has metal rims that will scratch and be damage and so on. later and remember keep it spinning.


ive never been a speedy 1a player, so i like 4a alot, so aquarius