Piano for fun?

I was learning Blues piano, and still am, but have found the Alfred’s “Simply Beethoven” or “Simply Bach” books just fine. The Simply series have different arrangers, so there will be variances in the level of difficulty even within the series.

Maybe they are “dumbed down” but the music is put into easier keys do you don’t have so many sharps and flats to deal with. They capture the essence well, let’s say “Moonlight Sonata” sounds like it, but you only have one sharp to look out for.

Sight reading is slow going for me, but I have found to try and lock in the right hand more to memory and focus on the left. Reading both simultaneously can be a challenge. I never studied as a kid, so it’s tougher :wink:

The “Simply Joplin” book is harder than the Beethoven one, I can’t jump around as much, and it requires more focus. I ordered the “Simply Bach” and I better stop, since time is always a factor with any endeavor.


I presume this book only presents Moonlight Sonata’s first movement (the easy one)? I don’t think many people ever hear the entire sonata, and fewer still try to play it.


Yes of course. The Joplin book has two or three parts to the rags, which is surprising for an easy book.


I remember playing piano in middle school. Dang, seems like forever ago