i need a freestyle piano song pretty soon


ok i am going to be in my churches talent show thing but i cant really play any of my regular freestyle music because
its a church
so i need my friend to play the piano
his mom thinks that jon schmit would be good but i listened to em on youtube and i think taht they arent really freestyle material so i want a good freestyle song and the link o the sheets if you can

guys ;D


Mozart - Rondo Alla Turca

(Mitch) #3

Ever seen Star Wars? Remember that great scene, where obviosly Han didn’t shoot first in the Cantina bar on tatooine? The band played a song that will for ever be remembered as the Cantina Band Song

(MikeMonty) #4

I’ve always loved the song ‘clubbed to death’ (don’t tell them the name of the song) as a song without words that sounds amazing, but since a lot of it can’t be adapted to piano I’m not sure how much help I could be…

Though, I just jumped over to youtube, this could be a fun song to use if your buddy could pick it up in time:

(JM) #5

Nice, shortish, dramatic. What else could you want?

I present, Beethoven’s 5th.

(Mark) #6

Here’s a Final Fantasy Song that works.

The first one is the song actually arranged on the FFV Piano Sound Track. The second one is some random arrangement. Personally, the Original (first) Sounds better but the second one is closer to the original composition.


I know this doesn’t go with piano, but “Everybody Dance Now” goes great with any speed of tricks. I used it at my church talent show :smiley:


choppin black keys