Photos of Yoyos

I took these some time back. I want to let you all know that I used artificial light(s). Eat your hearts out, purists.


Pretty cool pics. What edition Genesis is that in the first pic?

Nevermind, looks like Reiki Sekiya? Never heard of that person but the Genesis sure looks awesome.

i love the silhouette and the others are really nice also! nice skill and great use of your tools!

Thanks guys, I’m in the process of making a new light tent so I can be as consistent as possible.

What are “artificial lights”? You mean vs. being outdoors? I’m totally down with studio lighting.

Nice Job on the pics

I use a mix of Alienbees monolights with softboxes and hotshoe flashes triggered wirelessly. I always debate selling the bees and buying stronger Elinchrom monolights, but I’d have to put quite a bit into an entirely new kit and accessories. It’s been a long time since I’ve made money with photography so it’s not as realistic of an idea as it used to be.

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Great job on those pics

One of my biggest yoyo regrets is trading away my Reiki Genesis. Truly one of the best looking yoyos ever made.

Yeah, I can’t believe this is my first time seeing it. YYF used to have a lot of different great splashes and colorways. The past few years I feel like they’ve been cranking out progressively uglier looking throws but there are still some fantastic ones once in a while (Galaxy Proton, Ain’t Nothin’ H.O.T. come to mind). I suppose it’s their splashes that I hate these days, the acid washes are still solid.

Cool yoyos

Nice yoyo pics! And fountain pen!