Photography-school me!

Hey guys! I have started to get an interest of taking photos, and looking to get an entry level camera. I know a few people on here are pretty knowledgeable, and want some advise. My friends dad taught me a little bit on aperture, shutter speed, light, etc etc, so I know the basics.

If you can shed some light on a good camera I would love it. I have been eyeing up the nikon d5200. I want a camera for yoyo’s and sports photography.

Thanks in advance!

If you know what camera you want, and know about how to use manual on a camera, youre basically set until you can get your hands on the actual camera. IMO knowing how to use a camera was NOTHIN for me; I had to get my hands on one and use it for a while to see what looks good/ doesnt look good etc. Experience is key, get used to your camera when you get it and use it a lot.

Also youll want to learn how to use photshop, shopping photos is AT LEAST 1/4 of a good photo. Hope this helps haha

That actually does!

My mom for her birthday yesterday got am awesome nikon D3100 so she can change the lenses and such so she can get different pictures and so far she loves it I have already found like 10 pictures of our dog on it.

The d5300 would be great! Or a d5200. Or a d5100… Lol, I have a d5100 and I LOVE IT.

You might want to hit up a photography forum, and explain to them what you want. There are some decent photographers on here, but you’re much more likely to get good advice from people who enjoy it enough to join a forum.

The higher the megapixel, the more noise there is in low light.

And buying a full frame or ILC is unnecessary unless you really need a specific lens.