Need a Camera

I need a camera that records 1080 HD, and can take good photos, preferably 16-18 MP but it has to be in the $250 range. I might be able to go to $300 but that’s unlikely.Links? Help? Please.

Are you brand loyal and want are the main features you want outside of the mp and 1080 requirements, I’m a photographer and can offer some help picking the right cam for you just need a little more info.

Also is size a concern? And zoom do you prefer a short zoom of a tele zoom? Aperture are you looking at something fast and constantly through the zoom or is a variable aperture ok?

I wouldn’t be concerned about megapixels unless you are planning on getting a wide-format print of one of your photo’s (ex: 10’x6’). Above a few megapixels, it’s not so much how many megapixels, but what the camera can do with them.

Yes and no some people just believe more is more with mp and Ive learned its hard to fight with them and change there mind lol, thankfully there are some many capable cameras in that mp range its s non issue :slight_smile: that’s why I didn’t address it, Nikon and canon have cameras in that mp range but the options and features will determine what’s best for the OP.

But more important I forgot to ask if the OP is wanting new or will used be ok?

I would like a Canon or Nikon. New preferably. My photo 1 teacher told me that if I was planning on getting a camera, that it should at least have 12 MP, but I’d prefer a little more.

20x zoom? Idk, I’m doing all my editing on photoshop. Size doesn’t matter. But I’d prefer something small, or medium. I don’t like large cameras that much.

This is a little more then you posted but its he best bang for the buck its the canon s100 and will fit your needs and then some.

If I’m not mistaken, the s100 can also shoot RAW, which means you can adjust levels and colour balance after the fact with no loss of quality.

Sounds like you need a new teacher. It’s like the teacher telling you that you must use “Rule of Thirds” (Many times I don’t) or that only Canon makes good cameras.

You must first know the rules before you can break them, but I agree the MP isn’t the end all to great photographs. It takes a package deal. Canon isn’t the only good camera but for what he OP is after I think that the s100 covers all the bases and then some and offers great image quality and high quality video.

The Camera wasn’t my point, but rather the teacher saying you need x amount of megapixels. You can get that much with just about any phone, but they look like crap. To the OP, here are many more important things than the number of megapixels in a camera, especially the photographer using it.

would this camera work?

It would but it it so muc larger then the s100 and the s100 has the newer digic 5 processor which is so much better. Honestly the 50 bucks more gives you a lot more bang for your buck.

Ok, ill talk to my dad about it. now what Tripod works with the Camera you recommended?

One of these for these

Aren’t nearly all cameras compatible with nearly all tripods?

Some just work better then others depending on the applications :slight_smile: if he gets a point and shoot he doesn’t need a 300 buck carbon setup lol.