what camera do you use?

my mom told me to make a christmas list…kinda early I thought… and I want a camera to take really good pics…price range is about $0-$200…what do you use? i could really use some help

For recording or picture taking?

For picture taking, I have several. I’m not going to list all my bodies, lenses, accessories, etc.

For recording, nothing special. I just use a Flip HD. Does pretty good and it’s under the $200 price range. Has a USB flip out thing that plugs right into your PC for easy transfer, no cables needed.

First of all I would say don’t get a Kodak Easyshare. They don’t last long. I have a camera I bought at Office Depot for $50 and it is great. It was about 6 months ago, though, so I don’t know if they still have it. It is made by GE, which is why it was so cheap, because they aren’t known for cameras. The model number is A1250, it is 12.2 megapixel and has 5x optical zoom. The zoom was important to me and a lot of cameras only have 2 or 3x. Digital zoom is terrible so you should ignore that number. The pictures are great quality.
I don’t think you need more pixels than this, but I know someone who has a Panasonic camera and it is great too. You can get one on Amazon with 16 x wide angle optical zoom for under $200.
If you can get a good photo editing program like photoshop, you can make your pictures even better by adjusting the exposure and brightness.

Or Corel Paint Shop Pro. Or you can download the G.I.M.P. free.

I use a Canon Powershot SD600

Just got a nikon d90 trying to figure it out