Cheap Video Camera for Yoyo Videos?

Been looking around the net and found a Toshiba B10 Camcorder for like $80, it shoots 1080p/30, 720p/60, and supposedly have slow motion in smaller resolution I think, seen the video samples and they are good. Do you guys have any other recommendation? I try to keep it cheap (less than $180) since I’m planning to get a dslr in the (distant) future and the one I currently use is a pocket camera designed for photos and only have 480p/20 max which is bad.
I need it to be at least 720p/30 (1080p/30 will be really good though) with high fps (120fps) option for slow motion recording, even if the resolution needs to be 480p that is fine, aspect ration preferably 16:9. Most cameras sold in websites usually only show max resolution and Google doesn’t help much. I wonder if there is anything better than the B10 but still under $180.
Thanks, any help appreciated.

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i use a contour roam 2 as my video camcorder its awesome. it shoots a 1080p at 30 FPS 720 60 FPS and anything lower you may use. and it around $179 in price depending on what you buy.