Need some Camera Help!

Hey, If anyone over here is like a camera professional and can answer almost any question about canon slr’s please shoot me a pm.

I’m a Nikon boy, sorry. =)

But if it’s a question that could be universal, maybe I can help. I’m no professional but I did take several photography classes in college.

Are you using a SLR or a DSLR?

I want an SLR. If you get a 55-250 zoom and you zoom all the way, will the quality decrease?

Focal length shouldn’t affect the actual quality, but your conditions might. Keep in mind that different focal lengths may require you to adjust your aperture and shutter speed to get proper exposure. Your image quality will especially decrease if you have to raise your ISO (or in your case, with an SLR, using a higher ISO film).

However, if you’re using a low quality lens then it’s possible that the quality will be affected. Also at short focal lengths you may also encounter some lens distortion, in theory affecting pixels and decreasing quality.

Thanks! 1 more question, is a 10mp slr good? I was aiming towards a 12mp slr but the 10mp one is cheaper. And im not rich. The 10mp slr is a Canon Rebel XS and the 12mp one is a Canon Rebel T3.

I’ve seen some articles that make an argument for 10 over 12, saying that 12 is too high and accentuates possible problems that would be overlooked at 10.

I’ll let you in on a secret.

10 MP will be perfectly fine. To be honest, 6 mp is fine in most circumstances. You can make great quality large prints with a 6 mp camera. I’ve heard a lot of people say “the more MP you have the better the picture.” That’s a very misleading and incorrect thing to say.

I will say this. If you’re doing an extremely large print (let’s say, 3ft x 3ft or whatever dimensions it may be… I really doubt it shoots in a square format) a 12MP may do a bit better than a 10MP… but for everyday use and even doing some enlargements and prints a 10MP will be completely suffice.

Also 12MP takes too much space, especially if you’re shooting in RAW or RAW+JPEG.