So I’m thinking of getting a new camera and was thinking of a dslr one. I was wondering what cameras are good for filming as well as pictures.

Canon T2i, or better yet T3i. Don’t have one but have been toying with the idea of getting one.

Do you know much about what a SLR requires to tap some of it’s potential? Also are you going to interchange the lens for whatever specific type of photography you want to go for?(the most important part of what makes a good photo)

If you don’t plan to invest in quality lenses that probably will cost more than the camera itself, go with a good point and shoot. You’ll get the same quality of photos with more versatility than a SLR with a kit lens which is mediocre at best.

People always think that a SLR will make their photos so much better when it has a lot more to do with educating themselves about photography, photo composition, lighting, etc.


For cost efficiency and great picture, you can’t go wrong with a nikon d3100.