I’m looking for a new upgrade from my dibase ive been looking at the phenomizm as was looking for any suggestions in that price range


I’m going to suggest the same things I always suggest in this price range: sOMEThING FirMY and C3 Capless.



The Phenomizm is V-shaped, but so is the Di Base. It’s also heavier and mostly plastic with big mid-rim weight rings. Both are amazingly stable, solid and good yoyos. Both are great at horizontals. The Dibase smokes it as far as being able to do grinds, and that new finger/thumb grind is absolutely impossible on the Phenomizm not only because of the caps, but even if you remove the caps on the Phenomizm you still can’t do it.

I don’t necessarily see the Phenomizm as an upgrade. I see it as higher priced and different. Upgrade is a difficult term. What I may see as an upgrade may not be seen as an upgrade to someone else. I prefer to think in terms of a different play experience.

Without budget, it’s hard to make additional suggestions. The DiBase itself is really amazing and super low priced. Others that are in the ballpark would include the sOMEThING Firmy and RecRev Facade. I don’t currently have a Capless but I hear good things about it and I’m interested in getting one. Sure, the Phenomizm is good, so I’ll go ahead and say “sure” on that one. The ILYY VOID might be another worth considering, as it’s got that V-shape you see to be after, but it’s a bit more squared off and more dramatic in shape.

That’s all I can think of.


Thanks for all the advice


What about the g-funk


Good solid throw. Undersized though (even smaller than the Di Base) and quite heavy on the string.



Niether the Phenomizm or G-funk i can think of being an uprgrade from the Di-Base.
The Di-Base is so good, that if your going to upgrade at all, you would be hard pressed to find something better under $100. I think the Dietz by OneDrop would be perfect for you.

If your not willing to go that high in price just yet though, stick with the Di-Base.


I wrote a paragraph o which yoyo you should choose then my iPod crashed

To sum it up get the inspire, facade, something firmy

I have the facade and it’s great! Tried the inspire too!