Phenom Caps



I’m back into Phenoms and Phenomizms, and I’m glad to see the last runs of Phenoms have some fancy colorways. BUT the new caps are probably the ugliest thing ever. I just don’t even think about playing a Phenom without caps one second. So my question is: Does anyone know if old Phenom caps fit well into the new Phenoms?

(M.DeV1) #2

I’m sure they do. It’s just a cosmetic change.


I was thinking the same thing.

I just got a Speeder, and the seller(who will remain nameless) forgot to include a cap. YYJ’s plastic/metal throws feel and look rather odd to me and unfinished without their caps. I’m in favor of caps. I mean, yes, it’s our choice to use or not use them, but I feel if they went through the trouble to design caps, chances are they meant for us to use them.

However, I am planning to somehow score a DM2 that I will be removing the caps from.


I remember my Phenoms from the first run, they both had the caps not sticking very well. So, as there doesn’t seem to be any issue like this anymore, I suppose they have slightly modified the size. So I was thinking that with a new design, there could also be some very little variations in the size too.


More than likely the issue with the caps on earlier versions was fixed by adjusting the cap size, not the yoyo size on subsequent runs.


That’s what I meant


Thanks, it wasn’t clear the way I read your post.